This is my message, in a nutshell:
we need to re-frame the political conversation in America before it’s too late.
There are only two ways of acting in the world: RISK REDUCTION or RISK AVOIDANCE.

And politics, much like everything else, can be approached

What POLITICAL RISK REDUCTION means, is that a position of unchecked, unhindered, unlimited power is created in the leadership of the state, and the person who proves to be trustworthy is elected in that position. History has proven over and over again that whenever that position of unlimited power is created, someone who is thirsty for power WILL crawl into that seat – sooner or later – and WILL become a tyrant. There has never been, in the history of the world, one position of unhindered political power that had not been abused at one point.

All countries that are built on a political risk reduction strategy first CREATE the risk for tyranny by creating that position of power, and then try to REDUCE the risk by filling the position with someone who they believes has the best interest of the society at heart.

What POLITICAL RISK AVOIDANCE means is that the position of unchecked, unhindered and unlimited power are simply not created in the government system, based on the understanding of the historical fact that this is a mistake. America, by the Constitution, is AVOIDING TYRANNICAL RISK ENTIRELY by not giving the opportunity for that position of unchecked power to be created, to begin with.

If America turns from the POLITICAL RISK AVOIDANCE strategy (which it was built on by the Founding Fathers) towards the POLITICAL RISK REDUCTION strategy (which the rest of the world is built on, and which is what American Marxists are pushing for),
sooner or later America will become a totalitarian regime.

What I love about America, as an immigrant from a socialist country, is that the Constitution was written in the spirit of POLITICAL RISK AVOIDANCE. That is the only thing that makes America different from any other country in the world: the content of its Constitution.

All the perks that we all love about America, like freedom of speech, freedom of travel, freedom of assembly, freedom to protect ourselves, freedom to pursue our happiness, freedom to grow and develop, equality of opportunity, all these are a direct outcome of living in country built with a POLITICAL RISK AVOIDANCE mentality.

The day we will change the Constitution, we will change America’s face forever.
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