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Ukraine: The Truth – What Is REALLY Happening

As I have mentioned a few days ago in this article, I was REALLY skeptical regarding what the media is saying in the States about what is going on at the border between Ukraine and Russia. So I contacted a … Continue reading

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Something About Yourself

On 27th January 2020, Martin Turski, an Auschwitz survivor, was invited to speak (among other Holocaust survivors) at the 75th ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF GERMAN NAZI CONCENTRATION AND EXTERMINATION CAMP AUSCHWITZ. In his speech, Turski remembers an episode in which the Austriac President, … Continue reading

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Ukraine: What We Don’t Hear Matters More Than What We Hear

Since the events at the Ukrainian border started precipitating, I have been asked almost daily what my opinion is about the events that hit so close to my birth country. As a Romanian who immigrated to the USA about six … Continue reading

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