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The Joy of Inducing Panic, Gaining Followers and Selling Hope

If there is one fundamental difference between the US and Europe that one experiences from Day 1 of landing in either one of the countries (but only if they are there to stay, not as tourists!), is the difference in … Continue reading

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Ukraine: What We Don’t Hear STILL Matters More Than What We Hear (Part II)

In THIS ARTICLE, I was talking about how skeptical I am about everything that the media is saying about the war in Ukraine – back then, a “war”. [ Before I continue questioning the transparency of US media – and … Continue reading

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Socialism is as dangerous as a religious cult – because it is a cult!

A conversation about the similarities between religious cults, political cults and family culture.

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DIY Socialism in America: The (Illusion of) Free Housing

This video is about FREE HOUSING under SOCIALISM. Or rather, about THE ILLUSION of free housing. My name is Ligia Brubaker, I was born and raised in the Socialist Republic of Romania, and I am here to tell you the … Continue reading

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YouTube Channel Launched Today!

I finally launched the YouTube channel. And this is where you can see the first video: This is how Romanians Were Running Away From Socialism

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