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The Joy of Inducing Panic, Gaining Followers and Selling Hope

If there is one fundamental difference between the US and Europe that one experiences from Day 1 of landing in either one of the countries (but only if they are there to stay, not as tourists!), is the difference in … Continue reading

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Ukraine: What We Don’t Hear STILL Matters More Than What We Hear (Part II)

In THIS ARTICLE, I was talking about how skeptical I am about everything that the media is saying about the war in Ukraine – back then, a “war”. [ Before I continue questioning the transparency of US media – and … Continue reading

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Socialism is as dangerous as a religious cult – because it is a cult!

A conversation about the similarities between religious cults, political cults and family culture.

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America Wants to be Seduced by Socialism

If America is becoming socialist, it is not because the American people are being lied to and are being lured into a trap; it is rather because the leaders of America are seducing the American people who WILLINGLY allow themselves to be seduced by a dream of “no work, free money”. American people are WILLING victims and they WANT to have no responsibility, only rights. America becoming socialist is a CONSPIRACY between the government and the people, like in all other cases where people became corrupted by their greed. Every single one of us has the responsibility to make sure America doesn’t become socialist. Continue reading

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Since I left East Europe, the biggest lie that I came across in the Western cultures I traveled through, is: “You need to be nice to people.” Apparently in East Europe people are not nice, according to the socialist definition … Continue reading

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