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Ukrainian Gypsies STOLE a Russian Tank

On the night of 26th-27th February 2022, a group of Ukrainian Gypsies stole a Russian tank.

One more time, for those in the last row:
Russian tank.
Have stolen. Continue reading

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Ukraine: What We Don’t Hear STILL Matters More Than What We Hear (Part II)

In THIS ARTICLE, I was talking about how skeptical I am about everything that the media is saying about the war in Ukraine – back then, a “war”. [ Before I continue questioning the transparency of US media – and … Continue reading

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Ukraine: What We Don’t Hear Matters More Than What We Hear

Since the events at the Ukrainian border started precipitating, I have been asked almost daily what my opinion is about the events that hit so close to my birth country. As a Romanian who immigrated to the USA about six … Continue reading

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America Wants to be Seduced by Socialism

If America is becoming socialist, it is not because the American people are being lied to and are being lured into a trap; it is rather because the leaders of America are seducing the American people who WILLINGLY allow themselves to be seduced by a dream of “no work, free money”. American people are WILLING victims and they WANT to have no responsibility, only rights. America becoming socialist is a CONSPIRACY between the government and the people, like in all other cases where people became corrupted by their greed. Every single one of us has the responsibility to make sure America doesn’t become socialist. Continue reading

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Dear America, When I was a kid, growing up in Socialist Romania, we were overly bombarded with the image of our flag. The flag was a key piece of the propaganda; they were forcing us to love the socialist emblem … Continue reading

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Book Preview

Excerpt from “Of Clay and Iron: The Great American Apostasy” Of Clay and Iron: The Great American Apostasy From Faith to Stalinism On August 23, 1944, one million Russian troops invaded Romania. The socialists, who morphed into communists in time … Continue reading

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Masks: To Wear or Not To Wear

The reason all tyrannical systems work so well for those who are the enforcers of the system is because they are… the enforcers! If any of these half-brained “patriots” who think they have the right to force the liberals to serve them (against their own principles and policies) will ever get in a position of power, what do you think will happen? A tyranny! Just as bad as the tyranny that the left would promote if they could force everyone to wear a mask! Continue reading

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