My name is Ligia Brubaker. I was born in 1984 in the Socialist Republic of Romania and was raised under the climax of Ceauşescu’s tyranny. For a short but hard time I have endured the brutal enforcement of the socialist regime that was losing its grip on Romania.

Having faced a failed attempt to cross the border and to seek political refuge in Austria, my family had been declared an “enemy of the state” during a typical socialist make-believe trial. My father suffered physical torture and imprisonment as our family prepared to be deported to Bǎrǎgan, a forced labor camp.

In December 1989, the revolution that brought an end to socialism was ignited in my hometown by a Lutheran Community that had for years been supplied with Bibles by the Americans underground missionaries.

Together with my 7 y.o. brother, I (5 at the time) have witnessed the revolution unfold as the adults in my community, previously disarmed, formed living walls in the way of the military; it took two long, bloody days for the military to stop shooting defenseless people and turn with them against the government.

Later on, enjoying the freedom our parents craved for, I traveled the world from Africa to the U.S., and lived briefly in Hungary and England.

Together with my husband Bryan, we are the proud owners of Brubaker Arms Manufacturing and 1911bakery.

My writings, although theological and philosophical in nature, are not abstract critiques for the sake of pursuing intellectual arguments. They are written in order to conserve the “why” of the “how” conservative Christians have built the mere fabric of the Western civilization and provide practical ways to apply the Truth to our lives.