My name is Ligia Brubaker. I was born in 1984 in the Socialist Republic of Romania and was raised under the climax of Ceauşescu’s tyranny. For a short but hard time I have endured the brutal enforcement of the socialist regime that was losing its grip on Romania.

Having faced a failed attempt to cross the border and to seek political refuge in Austria, my family had been declared an “enemy of the state” during a typical socialist make-believe trial. My father suffered physical torture and imprisonment as our family prepared to be deported to Bǎrǎgan, a forced labor camp.

In December 1989, the revolution that brought an end to socialism was ignited in my hometown by a Lutheran Community that had for years been supplied with Bibles by the Americans underground missionaries.

Together with my 7 y.o. brother, I (5 at the time) have witnessed the revolution unfold as the adults in my community, previously disarmed, formed living walls in the way of the military; it took two long, bloody days for the military to stop shooting defenseless people and turn with them against the government.

As far as my personal life goes, I have lost my father when I was 15. I met my first boyfriend during my first year at university and became a licensed sub-architect and a wife the same year, few months apart. When I was 25, my husband died. I became a well-established architect with a private practice in Europe. I accumulated professional experience designing modern housing, hotels and recreation centers in Europe as part of an international team of specialists. I traveled across the world in every direction, seeing from Africa to the U.S., and living briefly in Hungary and England.

Once I settled in the U.S. my degrees in Architecture Restoration have lost their meaning as the European studies are not recognized here. But together with my husband Bryan, whom I have met eight years apart from my first marriage, we are the proud owners of Brubaker Arms Manufacturing and 1911bakery.

Whilst in Romania, I used to write a lot – I had a number of blogs rocking an average of 2,000 daily visitors. Although fluent in English, I somehow felt inapt for years to “speak” through a blog in a language that is not my own, but today, TODAY, I have reached a level of repugnance and repulsion towards the cultural lies that Americans need to deal with on a daily basis. America was, indeed, a great nation, and now it seems like it lost its flavor. Now, everything is thrown in the big melting pot of socialism by the ruthless shovel of Marxism, corruption and greed, and it concocts this bitter soup of lack of “adulting”, absurd sick sexual movements, mad feminists, irresponsible men raised by pathetic women and the utter desire to see the mere nucleus of America destroyed. So I decided to start talking – even if no one will hear me.

It matters not how far my voice reaches or not. It does not matter if, in the loud and confusing culture, my voice is not heard. I need to say it. I need to say that this, what is happening today in America, is simply WRONG. The bitter taste of today’s boastful culture of self-entitlement and pride is not a matter of interpretation, it is simply wrong. (And btw, America, being wrong is not wrong; being wrong and knowing that you are wrong and not doing anything about it, that is what is wrong.)

Last, but not least, I dare to speak to this culture not as someone who is better; and definitely not for gratifying some twisted desire to prove myself to be right when someone else is wrong by pointing out how wrong they are. This is not about me at all. I like quiet places with no humans and a lot of books written by dead people. What I am sharing here is not an abstract critique for the sake of pursuing a meaningless intellectual argument. I know communism. I know socialism. I know Russia. I know what hunger tastes like and I know what riches taste like. I know what burring a parent and a husband means, what getting out of school with zero debt means, how red the African soil is and how hard Britishers are. There are no theoretical arguments that can overthrow life experiences – some of which I wish I never had, but I did.

This blog is what someone who lived for 32 years at the opposite side of the globe, in a socialist culture, and has been dunked in the melting pot of America’s culture; it is the blog of someone who is shocked by the success of the classical Marxist methods of indoctrination of the once-smart American society – and by the right’s lack of desire to fight.

My hope and prayer is that one day, someone, somewhere will hear and understand. That one person is the one who I am talking to.

Feel free to disagree. Bare in mind, however, that right and wrong are not relative and there is only one truth – the rest are all opinions. Be ready. I am.

Semper eadem,