I was born  and raised in a Christian family in Romania, Europe.
For as long as I can remember, my prayer has been that God would use me as a lighthouse. I prayed that He would use me to mark His presence and active involvement on this earth in a way that would cause others to see Him. The only problem with God is that He actually listens to our prayers; sometimes I wish He would not. But He does.
I have no pretense of bringing into light  great intellectual discoveries, or a recipe for success. Furthermore, as a non-native English speaker, I cannot honestly say about myself that I am a great writer. But I am writing out of my failures, which have forced me to look at the Cross.
The books I write are  the result of God’s amasing work in my life.
I try to keep the references to my personal life in a language that portrays what God’s redeeming hand looks like in my life rather than boring with my private struggle; I am not interesting enough as a person to write about myself. My victory and my resurrection in Christ were not my doing, so I do not deserve any congratulations for “doing great” at mastering my life. In fact, I have failed so many times that I ended up knowing the One who always has to come and pick up the pieces. That’s why I write about Him; we met too many times, as He came to tidy up my life. And now I love Him.  All the glory rightfully belongs to Him.
My writings are not about the shared glory between Him and me; they are  all about Jesus. He, who came from above, is above all things.