Ukrainian Gypsies STOLE a Russian Tank

Gypsies STOLE a Russian Tank

On the night of 26th-27th February 2022, a group of Ukrainian Gypsies stole a Russian tank.

One more time, for those in the last row: 
Russian tank. 
Have stolen.

Our world has forgotten what war means. The last born generations have not been exposed to war. The hellish taste of war has now long been forgotten by our industrialized and well fed societies. The reality is that we’re dying in the US because we’re too fat, and one of the very serious problems that we have is obesity. We’re not dying of starvation and wars.

Peace is good; but if misguided, peace itself becomes an enemy.

History has proven over and over again that when everyone is well fed and has access to all biological, spiritual and emotional resources needed, people become soft and start fabricating problems to solve – because all real problems have been solved.

[ – Don’t worry, we’ll get to the events of the night of 26th February, and there’s even a video here for you to enjoy. But first, let’s talk about yet another brilliant way of exposing our children to cultural and political long-lasting immeasurable danger, since we’re so good at it. Shall we? – ]

Critical race theories suggest that racial profiling is racism; which it is not. And the Gypsies living in Ukraine have certainly proven that by doing what gypsies do: they have stolen a tank.
There are so many things that they could have done to the enemy’s tank.
They could have burned it down from inside out. Did they do that? No.
They could have tried to blow it up. Did they do that? No.
They could have tried to damage it, vandalize it or otherwise destroy it. Did they do that? No.
Is there any other nation that could have *possibly* considered STEALING a Russian tank an option?
I doubt it…

We need – we desperately need – to have a hard conversation about how ideologically possessed extremists redefine words, fulfilling George Orwell’s prophecies from “1989”, the novel.

Racial Profiling Is NOT Racism

Reading the future for pennies.
Gypsy girls living out of, breaking spells and saying charms out of their horse cart.

Real picture of Romanian Gypsies (not posed).

When humanity was in infancy and it lived in an untamed world, people had to fight bears for a spoon of honey; ironically, men used to be men and women used to be women. The expectations that the tribes had from their members, based on age, capabilities and gender were clear. Their behaviours were clearly defined by their identity, which they were not confused about.

This also means that tribes used to be tribes. One would use to call their own tribe “the people”, as opposed to the rest of the world, who were strangers and represented danger. With some of these strangers, bond would be formed, and they would become allies – but they would not become “the people”.

When we talk about “tribes” and “people” and “territories”, we talk about profiling, without question. In order to conquer a tribe, one would need to learn about their numbers (we’re looking at an army of 100 or an army of 5k?), their habits (where are they most vulnerable?), their safe havens (where are they likely to run for safety?), their resources (are they worth conquering?), their style of fighting (are we looking out for arrows or axes?), their language (could we learn their secrets?), their hunting habits (is their source of food better than ours?), their mating habits (how drunk do they get at weddings?), how fertile their women were (how fast do they multiply?), what rites of passages they have for the young (are their young ones submissive or will they put a fight?), and how well trained the men are (can they hold their land and damage us badly if we fight them, or not?). Without knowing all these things about another group, any group rising to go at war against them would basically commit suicide by ignorance.

(– But we know this; the best proof that we know profiling is real are sports: any serious team of players will actually have paid staffs that study the rival team’s style of playing sports. And they are paid serious money to observe and profile the adversary team.)

We can pretend that “we’re all one”; but we’re not. We all have the same intrinsic value as living humans, but we are not raised the same; our highest goals are not the same and our loyalties do not lie with the same banner. Beyond the political boundaries, there are moral, ethical and belonging boundaries that cannot be erased, regardless how hard we try. They simply cannot be removed or vetted out, because they are not material. They are immaterial in nature, but they’re even more real than the physical, geographical boundaries. The nation who loose in the battle with Post-Modernism will be the nations who pretend national identity and racial profiling are myths.

A Commentary on Gypsies

Gypsy girls dancing around the camp fire.

Now, Gypsies are a nation that is a phenomenon in itself. Among the settlers of the Eastern side of Europe, they are the most exotic and unpredictable people.

Also known as “The People of Roma” (NOT Rome! – BIIIIG difference!!!), or, “The Romani People” (NOT the “Roman people” – again, BIIIIIG difference!!!), or “The Rromni” (NOT “the Romanians” – again, BIIIIIG difference!)*, they live scattered across Europe and still practice the most authentic migrating patterns, determined mainly by resources. Their origin is still not very certain, although some voices place their origin in the Punjab region of India. (I’m not convinced.)

When I was a kid, the Gypsies who happened to be trapped in Romania (when the Romanian Monarchy turned into The Socialist Republic of Romania) were forced to settle for half a century. They couldn’t leave the country, following their nomadic patterns. Some of them withdrew deep into the mountains and worked as cheap hand labor up in the forgotten shepherds lands, that were secluded from the Socialists powers. The Gyps also stole from the same shepherds, until caught; the shepherds would beat them and send them away towards the next unfortunate shepherd / landlord. Others Gypsies saw the opportunity to have a little bit of food on the table and stuck with the good shepherds; these Gyps only stole a little bit, and a functional unspoken pact between the owner of the land and herd and the Gypsies arose organically: as long as they kept stealing to a minimum, they were allowed to linger around the shepherds and do the lower jobs. Other Gyps withdrew from the cities but would still be coming to plunder and steal, making efforts to interact as little as possible with the Socialist police. They weren’t always successful, because in a socialist country everyone is tagged – like cattle – and everyone was keeping tabs on everyone. As soon as they would be seen around, the ideologically possessed ones would call the Secret Services on them. But some of the Gyps were able to keep a low profile, whilst living off selling stolen goods and kidnaping children whom they were selling as slaves (no puns) or break their legs and force them to beg a few pennies in the markets.

You might think by now that I foster resentment towards them. Actually, I’ve never seen a better salesperson, a more industrious fella or a better thief than a hungry Gypsy. I have also never seen camaraderie as intense as the camaraderie within the Gypsy tribes. (I lived for at least a few years in each one of Romania, Hungary, England, and the US, and travelled quite extensively. I have been exposed to tight-knit cultures and cold politically-correct cultures. I am still to come across any other culture as tight knit as the Gypsy tribes and sub-tribes cultures – although both Hungarians and British cultures are uncomfortably hermetic to the foreigner.) I am absolutely fascinated by their culture, their traditional clothing and them, as a people. Who wouldn’t want to live as free and as uninhibited as a Gyp?!

Gypsies are the kind of thieves that will sneak into a thieves’ cave, steal from the thieves, and the next day show up to sell the ones they stole from whatever they stole over night; the Gyps would easily convince them that the items were sourced from somewhere else. With a nonchalantly that would disarm even the most politically correct advocate on Capitol Hill, Gypsies will get what Gypsies want.

And they usually don’t want a lot. They only want what is light, easy to carry, and valuable. Think rings, wallets, cash, purses, radios, copper wire, etc. They’re not among America’s most wanted for hacking into bank accounts because for a Gypsy, having just enough for today is actually… enough! 

I have never met a Gypsy that would willingly trade a sunset and a camp fire for a banker’s life. But I have seen many Gypsies that would trade a campfire for the thrill of breaking into the banker’s house and grab some cash – and then return to the campfire.

Gypsies are actually very spectacular in their almost socially autistic way of providing for themselves. The innate trading skills of a Gypsy can easily put to shame any highly rated Harvard marketing curse, hands down. If Gypsies would be literate (and the vast majority of them are not, by choice), they would own Wall Street. (- In fact, the word in the wine is that they are the lost tribe of Israel. I find that theory likely and plausible… But that’s for a topic for another article…)

The afore mentioned is true about all Gypsies. Each tribe has a king, and there’s a Big King that rules over all of them, even though they are all spread across Europe. They declare themselves as belonging to that particular King and their non-geographically defined kingdom, that’s how it’s going to roll.

Dorin Cioaba, King of Gypsies

After Romania became part of the EU, in 2007, the Gypsies saw the unexpected opportunity to spread across Europe from our former Soviet anchor state where they have been locked up with the locals in a love-hate relationship.

Up to that point, Europe was all about teaching Romania everything it knew about “human rights”. (I am using the term “human rights” very loosely, and in brackets, because the Europe’s post-modern idea of what “human rights” mean are quite far from the original understanding that we all have intrinsic value.) Madame Merkel, especially, was very keen about the rights of the minorities – including the Gypsies. The written warnings about theft on busses, printed by the local Law Enforcement and the City, that were plastered in full sight, were seen as racist. These warning posters usually carried a message along the lines of: “Pay attention to pocket thieves! Never leave any of your pockets or belongings unsupervised!” – in reference to Gypsies. But at 1st January 2007, on the day it adhered to the UE, Romania went through a real spiritual experience and became “woke”: so these warnings were removed for being racists. Petty theft grew. – And then… it stopped! It just vanished.

On the other hand, in just a couple of years, massive, hideous private 2-3 stories palaces started showing up in the former Romanian suburbs that used to be populated by the Gypsies. The Gyps emigrated out of Romania to the more financially fertile and unaware populations of West Europe. They stopped stealing from Romanians, and started stealing from the Germans and the rest of the Western lot.

Build Me A Palace!

When the petty theft crimes almost vanished in Romania and the Gypsies palazzo’s – funded by European money brought in the country – started popping up, I was working as an architect, fresh out of university. We were warned very clearly by our teachers to choose our customers very carefully after graduation. Rromni were paying a lot of money for the perfect palace blueprint; but if anything went wrong in the deal (and with Gyps, unless they steal you blind, something WILL go wrong in the deal!!), the architect was as good as dead. Literally. The Gypsies weapon of choice was the short Gypsy sword.

In time, the construction market cleaned up a little bit; there were 2-3 architects who were working exclusively with the Gypsies. The rest of us stayed clear from any customer that had even the slightest appearance of an “rich-over-the-night” Gypsy. 

The Gypsies were bringing Madame Merkel’s money to East Europe; and don’t imagine they were working for the money. No. They were… “procuring” the money.

Now, in Romania, property taxes on homes are paid only after the certificate of occupancy is released and the house is declared finished. Once a building is permitted, the owner has 3 years to complete the building. If the building is not complete, they need to file to obtain a time extension, for another year. It costs under $10 to get a time extension, which is far less than paying taxes on a small palace (obviously). The amounts of time extensions that one can get are unlimited.

So there are small palaces that are still being built, for the last 15 years; I kid you not. Gypsies are street smart; they keep getting time extensions for the permits by either not finishing the outside of the house or by declaring that some part of the labor was not done to the standards of the owner and needs to be redone. They build small palaces half way through, move in and keep them unfinished with the purpose of paying smaller taxes. A Gypsy mind will think about this trick.

But there’s also a cultural aspect to these half-finished houses. Namely, Rromni don’t know how to make a house a home; they genuinely don’t. Historically speaking, the Gypsies were East Europe’s slaves, until the tyrannical practice was abolished. As such, Gypsies lived in tents around the landlord’s house, or in the landlord’s house basement. The palaces that have been built with West European money were usually finished and furnished inside only at the basement level. The houses have massive gathering rooms in which the Gypsies dwell together and where sometimes they even house their horses and other animals. The over-the ground levels of these palaces are either unfinished or empty not only on the outside, but on the inside as well, because Gypsies never lived in palaces before. Just because now they were able to afford building them, it didn’t mean that they knew how to live in them. 

Bottom line is… Gypsies need a campfire. They need a tambourine and a singing group of mothers, aunts, sisters and potential mates to chant and dance with around the fire. They need beer and drunken nights out with the boys. They need land to freely roam on, grass and skies. They need a horse to ride and a dog as a pillow. They *are* this lifestyle. And the ridiculous West European fight against Romania breaking some rights of the Gyps only led to the Gypsies showing the world that a simple life, lived outside the confined frame of political correctness is what they love, want, and create for themselves.  

Do The Math

Here is a video of an area in Buzescu City, a Romanian city, where the Gyps came back home West with European money. Remember, all these buildings that you see in this video are RESIDENCES, not office buildings. The average market value of a really nice house (4-5 bedrooms) is around $150,000. The Gypsy palaces in these videos are worth between 2 million $ (value of investment) – and can excede 20 million $ (value of investment), because they are paved with massive gold or silver or have some super fancy exotic wood floors. I need to underline this: in order to be able to afford to build these houses, a dirt-poor Gypsy wound need to make, within roughly a decade of working in West Europe, over 2 million $ + enough to feed and house their large families while building.

Let me make sure you fully get the picture – and I’m sorry if I overstate the obvious…:

1. All Gypsies in Romania were dirt poor when Romania was admitted in the UE and a passport was no longer needed to cross the border. There were absolutely no Gypsy palaces anywhere in Romania back then.

2. Gypsy illiteracy rate is over 90% in Romania.

3. There are social studies and statistics that are showing that only 10% of the Romanian Gypsy population had been working in the last 2 years.

4. Romanian borders were opened in 2007. By 2017, these palaces started showing up and by 2019, we were already dealing with a phenomenon called “Gypsy Architecture”.

What all this means is that each Gypsy house owner introduced in this video had “procured” at least 2 million $ (not including food, expenses and housing for themselves and their families) “on the black market” in West Europe without as much as knowing how to read or write, and without making any investments on the Market.

How many years does an honest American work in order to make 2 million $, living in the US?

But racial profiling doesn’t work, right?! :))

“You Lucky Bastard…”

A few years after the Gyps spread across Europe, with a hypocrisy that is hard to overstate, the West of Europe packed up the Gypsies that successfully spread among them from the former Soviet bloc and its anchor states, and literally put them on planes and sent them back to Romania and other East-European countries, without prior public notice to the Eastern Countries. Between 2017 and 2019 periodically, you would come across “tribes” of freshly-boarded-off-the-planes Gypsies. They would be the ones “exported” back to Romania over the night by the West.

Clearly, the West wanted the Gypsies’ rights to be respected. In East Europe, that is. If you don’t have a Gypsy in Germany, it’s easy to say that anti-theft ads are racists against Gypsies, whilst not having to deal with petty theft in the busses and trash left behind in the public gardens and parks where they would camp.

But Romania is a country that was under socialism for 48 years; hence, it is very limited in resources. So the Gypsies, who had now tasted the German Käsekuchen, wanted more of their gold and… Käsekuchen.

So every once in a while our city would be filled with Gypsies for 24 hours, after which they were allowed to leave the country again. They would be back on the planes the very next day in the morning, leaving the poor former socialist country behind for the sweet West European milk, honey and Käsekuchen. (See, because Romanians were forced to cohabit with Gypsies, not only Romanians didn’t have a lot that could be stolen, but also, they have learned the Gypsies tricks and knew how to hide their stuff – or chain it down properly. But West Europe is a fertile land of naïve – excuse me, I mean “politically correct” people – who make the mistake of trusting strangers. There’s NOTHING better than someone who trust someone else; for a thief, that is…)
But on one particular episode – first time when the Gyps were packed up and sent back to Romania by the Germans – I remember specifically that I had just rode to work my brand new, shiny Sachs MadAss motorcycle for the first time. Ah! What a beauty she was! My American-made, flashy 125cc Sachs motorcycle was parked in front of our office building, located downtown. (For those who don’t know, a MadAss has a weight of merely 220 pounds, dry. It can easily be lifted by two men and carried for a walk.)

At one point, the downtown got absolutely packed with Gyps, as the airport shuffle dropped them 2 minutes’ walk from downtown. Soon enough, a group of 7-10 Gyps that were aimlessly walking about saw my Sachs. To my utter horror, they surrounded my motorcycle with glistening eyes. One of my co-workers, seated by the window, warned me that there’s a group of Gyps who fell in love with my bike. I was very afraid for my bike. I was watching from the second floor how these Gyps were drooling over by brand new, shiny Sachs.

My boss actually insisted that I stay planted by the window with the phone in my hand and if they as much as touch it, I call the police. The chances for the police to get involved in something like this in real time are minimal; but the only other alternative would have been for me, a 100 pounds (when soaking wet) mid-twenties unreasonably fair skinned gal to go down and face a group of well roasted and seasoned Gyps. Something like that would not only be genuinely dangerous, but funny too, as both the motorcycle and I could have easily been picked up and put in their pockets.

So they hanged around my bike for about 3 hours, probably hoping that the owner would show up and be pursued to “sell”. I can only assume that they got bored of waiting and got carded for beer, as they were flying back to Germany or some other Westernized land next day.

As they were leaving (still looking back over their shoulders at my bike), my body started relaxing. One of my colleagues came, looked out the window, and whispered: “You lucky bastard…” 
His car had been stolen just that morning from his driveway, in the very early hours…
Having this background understanding of the Gypsy culture, with its good and bad aspects, let’s focus on the events from the end of February.

A Ukrainian news outlet published the following:
<< “The Ukrainian Gypsies had obtained a victory stealing a Russian tank. The Gyps have stolen a Tank in the Ljubimovka village. We’ve never been this proud.”
The word in the wine is that they have stolen it in order to dismember it, melt it, and sell it as raw metal.

According to the latest census data from 2021, there are approximately 47,000 registered Gyps living in Ukraine, although the numbers of those who have not declared their residence in the Ukraine is rumoured to be at roughly ten times larger (400,000). Most of them live in the Transcarpatia, Odessa or Harkov areas.>>

Later on, the Gyps came out and posted the following footage (you have GOT to watch this! 🙂 ):

And then after that, an International Organization that fights for the Gypsy rights (probably made out of blonde females with “high levels of education” at unaccredited social-studies-oriented private “schools”) came out in public and declared in the press that “The Gypsy men were actually only trying to stop the attack. They’re not thieves. They’re acting out of strength, valor and courage.”

Ah-hum. Yeah, I believe you, wink wink.

Brave, they are. For sure. Thieves, they are as well. For sure. And there’s nothing wrong with having the capacity to be a thief; the only question is, what, when and why are you stealing?

But sadly, good people have no teeth, and bad people bite a lot. I am looking forward to the times when bad people will be afraid to attack good people because they will be afraid of what good men can do to them. Good men with no teeth are no good. (Read Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules to Life in order to understand that…)

Racial Profiling Vs. Racism

You see, the idea that racial profiling is racism is nothing more than yet another ideological tool meant to make people dumb and weak. As long as we need to discover each other’s identity and as long as we need to make an effort to strategize – either for the improvement of a relationship or for war – we can’t be lazy. We need to actually put some effort towards obtaining the desired goal, and that requires observation capacity and critical thinking. It is stimulating – culturally, intellectually, emotionally – and it sheds a strong light on how enjoyable it is to discover new cultures.

People think that Gypsies stole this tank because they’re so brave and creative, that Putin’s army was not scary enough to scare them; or maybe the Russians are dumb. That’s rubbish! Gypsies didn’t steal this tank because they’re brave. They stole it because Gypsies steal stuff. And in this context, having sticky fingers is a God-given gift!

The difference between racial profiling and racism is this: a profiler merely observes and makes a mental note: “Aha! This is how this group of people are. These are their weaknesses – these are their strengths – this is their way of dealing with issues; this is how they talk; this is how they eat; this is what they like and what they dislike, as a society.” This information is very useful to know especially for tourists, business people and those who work with foreigners in one capacity or another. The information is used in order for the interaction to finalize with the best possible scenario for everyone participating in the interaction.

On the other hand, the racist says: “Aha! This is how this group of people are – and because that’s how they are, we should exterminate them!”

The two are radically different and have radically different outcomes.

Having said this – I can’t begin to explain how amused I am of this whole stolen tank situation. I am amused even more at the fact that the world doesn’t understand how utterly ingrained it is for us to assess any interaction we have.

At the same time, hear me out: If my path intersects with a Gyp, my shoulder bag will instinctively go under my elbow, and my backpack will come off my back, on one shoulder, in front of me, where I can see it. It’s as instinctive as breathing. At the same time, if I have the opportunity to talk to them, I will – in their own language, and I will ask them about their crafts and tribe. (They L-O-V-E it when a non-Gyp knows a few Gypsy words! And they can’t have enough of showing you the wooden spoon they have been crafting on and can’t wait to tell you about their tribe!).

I will relate and talk the a Gyp just as naturally as if I meet a British, I will wear a neutral colored blouse (nothing scandalously colourful that would make a Britt dotty!) and I will speak softly, when my turn comes, orderly and disciplined. I will answer their small talk with small talk (which is an art in itself, that many don’t master!)

– That’s because I am very familiar with both the Gypsy and the British cultures, and I know how to adapt to their culture in such a way that our interaction ends with the best outcome possible. And even though I don’t know anything about carving wooden spoons and even though I don’t like milk in my tea, I *will* do everything I can to be safe and to be welcoming at the same time with both the Gyp and the Britt. I am a PROFILER, not a RACIST.

Call me racist – I know some of you will! – but protecting my belongings when in Gypsy company is as ingrained in the cultures that have co-lived with them as it is ingrained in our American culture to sleep with the firearm by our side. It’s an instinct based on repeated experience and understanding the other one’s cultural profile. Americans think East Europeans are weird for teaching their kids to watch out for Gypsy thieves, East Europeans think Americans are weird for sleeping with their firearms by their heads. Both break-ins and theft are real, folks. Some people come across specific social issues in one area of the globe and others need to deal with other types of social issues.

Staying safe wherever you are includes observing the society you are in and “reading the room”. That is essentially what “racial profiling” is. Try it. It’s good for you.

The Spectacle of Dancing Gypsies

I’ll drop here a few videos of Gypsies dancing. I don’t know how they do it. They’re simply amazing.
Below, four videos of Romanian Gypsies dancing.

First, an unscripted footage of an ad-hoc dancing spree in a very common Gypsy community in Romania, after having had a food Easter meal. If you want to taste a taste of Gypsy life, this is what it really looks like and what their music sounds like. They are dirt poor and cheery as fattened up sparrows. I don’t know how they do it. As I said, for Gypsies, having enough for this meal, is actually enough. Next meal will take care of itself.

Below, a video of a polished Gypsy dance and music, with traditional costumes and well trained traditional Gypsy girls. This video shows the refined side of the Gypsy culture:

A Gypsy dancing in her palace. This one is a refined, well groomed and well off Gypsy who is still a Gypsy and will remain a Gypsy, no matter how you dress her and where you make her live.

And a fourth video: modern Gypsy girls came across some unknown Gypsy panhandler guys who were playing for money in Frankfurt. They start dancing spontaneously, simply because they’re Gypsies and there’s Gypsy music playing. As simple as that. They couldn’t care less they are downtown Frankfurt.

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