Ukraine: The Truth – What Is REALLY Happening

As I have mentioned a few days ago in this article, I was REALLY skeptical regarding what the media is saying in the States about what is going on at the border between Ukraine and Russia. So I contacted a good friend of mine who works in the Romanian military (this year his rank will change from under-officer to officer within the Secret Operations in the Romanian Military).

Turns out, as you will read later in this article and as you will see in the video compilation, that some of the footage that is shown as proof of something happening at the Ukraine / Russian border, are actually videos that have been recorded by the Romanian Ministry of National Defense during the Romanian training. Someone fished them and leaked them with the fake news that Romania is getting ready to go to war and that the footage is from the Ukrainian border with Russia. Keep reading, this is getting better by the minute.

My friend never shares more than he can; if I ask him something that he can’t share, he simply says that that information is classified and he can’t share it, and that’s totally fine. But whenever he shares something, I know it’s true.

Like always, he mentioned that I need to go read the official page of the Romanian Department of Defense.

The infamous border where this Third World War between Ukraine and Russia is supposed to be happening soon, is about 185 from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. My friend – who obviously wished to stay anonymous – is active military, stationed in the heart of Bucharest. When I called him, he was on holiday, building sand castles with his kid on a lake’s shore, while his pregnant gorgeous wife was cooking a barbecue with her parents a few feet away. That’s just how worried the Romanian military is about the war about to start happening in their back yard…

The gist of what he said is this (and I am relating what I am able to remember, provided he doesn’t write but prefers phone conversations).

Here’s what he had to say: Yes, there is more military activity in the area, because the Russians are exercising ON THEIR OWN LAND, in the vicinity of the border. There’s no denying that the war started in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea is bothering the Russians, but then again, this is not new news. The Russians have always exercised in random parts of Russia. As soon as Crimea was annexed to Russia, the Ukrainians, who still had the key to the City Water tap decided Russians don’t need water, so they shut off the entire water system. Yes, Russians were bothered, and still are, but that doesn’t mean that anyone in Russia is looking for a hot war. Russia is just flexing the muscles, trying to impress.
Apparently, even if Putin would get this idea of a new hot war in his head, no one from his cabinet, retired or active, is supporting it.

The only thing that changed in Romania from a military point of view is that the alertness level on the Defense Ministry Website went from “LOW” to “AWARE”. And that is not going to change, because the Russians IN COLLABORATION WITH OTHER NATIONS that have access to the Black Sea and along the border with Ukraine, are planning on being there for a while. Americans have also sent a few troops there – and I am not sure about the numbers, however, their role is exclusively to flex muscles back to the Russians. If the big meathead in the gym starts flexing muscles at the hot gal you both like, you will flex back at him, of course, but just because two dudes are flexing muscles it doesn’t mean that the gal (Ukraine) will finally decide on one, and it also doesn’t mean that after the training is over the two dudes are going to fight. (And btw, Ukraine is a naughty gal flirting both with NATO and Russia since forever. This is also not new.)

Below, a few recent articles published on the Romanian Ministry of National Defense page, regarding how fake news are generated. I have translated them, but you can read them in Romanian. This is the link with all the military news in Romanian – I am sure you can use Google Translate to translate the entire page:
And this is the website of the Romanian Ministry of National Defense:
(Click on INFORADAR tab on the Romanian Ministry of National Defense to go to the military news page that I linked a few rows above.)


On 4th December 2021, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense published:
“Huge military traffic on Otopeni!” FAKE NEWS
(* note: “Otopeni” is the largest military airport / transt area in Bucharest)

We report fake news distributed on social networks. The information in this post has nothing to do with reality. Find practical tips on how to avoid misinformation on this platform. We reiterate our urge that you get your information from official sources.


On 12th December 2021, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense published:
Romanian-Ukrainian Military Cooperation

In an article published in the Romanian press, there are reference made to a so-called deployment of Romanian soldiers and combat equipment on Ukrainian territory.

The information has nothing to do with reality. The Ministry of National Defense has not carried out and does not carry out such suggested missions or actions in Ukraine.

In the field of defense, the Romanian-Ukrainian cooperation relations are conducted in a transparent manner, bilaterally, in regional formats, as well as within international organizations, especially under the auspices of the North Atlantic Alliance, based on the NATO-Ukraine Partnership.

Bilaterally, the cooperation between the two armies is materialized through joint training actions, which take place on the territory of Romania or the territory of Ukraine, within bilateral or international exercises planned and communicated in a transparent manner. Details about these exercises can be found on the website of the Ministry of National Defense, by consulting the archive of press releases issued by the institution.

The bilateral framework for cooperation in this field was deepened during the last meeting between the Romanian and Ukrainian defense ministers, held in Bucharest on September 5, 2020, during which a governmental agreement was signed in the field of technical-military cooperation. The agreement will help strengthen bilateral cooperation by creating the necessary legal framework for institutions and businesses in the two countries to develop joint projects in areas such as the acquisition, repair and modernization of weapons and military equipment, research and development in the technical-military field, and the exchange of information and experience in the standardization, coding and quality control of military equipment.


On the 26th of January 2022, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense published:
Watch out for viral clips with military columns‼

In recent days, on various social media platforms, video recordings have been circulating with so-called recent trips through our country of columns of Romanian or foreign military vehicles. These records are presented as “evidence” of troop movements in connection with the situation in Ukraine. None of these records are recent. They were filmed in the past, at least three or four months, either by us or by other users.

In fact, many of those who watched these videos (intentionally made viral through software – not organic growth – in order to induce panic), noticed the discrepancies: some clips were filmed in the summer, or they are showing something else than what they are declared to show, or they are old recordings presented as recent.

We made, in the video below, a recapitulation of these attempts to distort reality, with the date at which they were really captured. Note that the only recent images in this collage (January 22, 2022) are demilitarized World War II tank company imported from Bulgaria by a Czech company. They obviously had to pass through Romania. You will see them at the end of the video collage. This transit of demilitarized vehicles was also shared on social media with the intent to get the population confused and panicked, under the pretense of unannounced movements of the troops.

We remind you that the most accurate information is from official sources. If you notice other such video recordings, please mail them through us via this page. We will conduct efficient checks get back with the truth about the origin of the clips.


Then, on the 27th of January 2022, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense published:
False news generated by the distribution in the online environment of a fake military order calling for mobilization of the Romanian military reserve to war

We are reporting a series of false, alarmist news, generated by the distribution in the online environment of an order calling for mobilization or war.

The document, in fact real, was issued to one citizen from Brăila, and then it was presented as a so-called proof of “the preparations that the Romanian Army is making to mobilize the reservists”.

The document was issued as a result of routine procedure carried out by the Brăila military center, in accordance with the legal attributions of this structure (Law no. 446 of November 30, 2006 on preparing the population for defense, art. 51).

The release of this document was carried out following the simple procedures of updating the records of the military reserve and has nothing to do with the security situation on the borders of Ukraine. Annually, the county or district military centers issue several thousand such documents to the military reserves, depending on the needs of updating the database.

Military notice sent to a reserve military person, asked them to confirm their info in the Military database.
Routine procedure, misinterpreted intentionally by panicking trolls as call to enrollment for war.

If you notice similar information, please send it to us for verification and clarification. We remind you that the most effective information is from official sources.


Last but not least, whoever has the desire to panic Americans, Romanians and people in general regarding the Ukrainian border went so far that they created a fake account for General Daniel Petrescu, the head of the Romanian Ministry of National Defense.
On the 2nd of February 2022, the
Romanian Ministry of National Defense published:
Fake Facebook account, copy of General Daniel Petrescu’s Real Account

Please be aware of the existence of a fake Facebook account under the name of General Daniel Petrescu, which the Chief of Defense has nothing to do with. The fake id was fabricated based on information and photos taken from the official Facebook page of the Chief of Defense that can be accessed here, or from other sources.

Today, the person hiding behind this fake is distributing posts claiming to be on behalf of the Ministry of Defense Chief and of the National Guard. Please disregard them and if you see this information in your feed, please do report it.

Unfortunately, although fake news are not a novelty in the interpersonal communication, have found limitless ways to become viral and multiply in the online environment. The Romanian Army is one of the many public institutions actively involved in fighting against this phenomenon.

We remind you to look for news in official sources, whether regarding the Romanian Army, or on anything else that interests you. It takes a common effort to not allow ourselves to be manipulated by fake news.


Just so that you know, America is not the only country in which information went hay-wire.

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, 11:54:54 PM PST, my brother who lives in Romania, wrote:
“Hey, I heard some rumors that all unvaccinated people in the States are meeting somewhere in WA state? Sounds quite sci-fi, I am skeptical about it, but I heard something similar about Australia. I thought that I should reach out, even if it’s fake news and see if you know anything about it?”

I replied that I didn’t hear any of that, but I will look up info and see if it’s true that WA is on the way to becoming an un-vaxxed safe zone, as the news back in Europe made it all sound.

On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 09:45:44 AM PST, he wrote again:
“Found any info? Everything okay there? Streets burning, people fighting at all?”
Apparently they’re showing riot news back in Romania, supposedly from WA state.

Just so you know, no one is out in the streets, burning buildings (as spurring as that is!), and WA state is not turning into the USA capital of the unvaccinated folk.

On the other hand, here in the States, we are now bombarded with news about the Russians at the border with Ukraine. Fake news, that is.

We really need to stop trusting anything that we hear in mainstream media or social media. About anything. We need to start watching the news like we watch sci-fi movies, because that’s what they are.

One last note – my Romanian friend, the one who works in the Military, mentioned in passing that the only reason why the American media is creating a buzz around the Ukrainian border is because they need to taper out the overused COVID news. They can’t replace it with nothing, they need to have something that they hook people on, otherwise how are people going to live in fear and why would they tune in the news next time?

Remember, SCARED PEOPLE ARE EASY TO LED. So you actually need to be scared, in order to be led.


And know what? I actually want to go back and talk about how the government wants to make us think that it’s A-ok to exclude a group from the society. Let’s talk about that. What’s the deal with the mandatory vaccination rumors? What’s with the large capacity magazine ban that’s happening in secret in WA state as we peel our eyes to footage that is not even recent???

Let’s not worry about the Ukraine border and the water tap and the gas tap in East Europe. Let’s hold accountable those who force choices on other people here in our own dear land, shall we?

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6 Responses to Ukraine: The Truth – What Is REALLY Happening

  1. Michelle says:

    So I found this article trying to source real news for my high schooler here in America. They have these kids in civics a required class studying and taking tests on what they see on CNN. Im so disgusted.


  2. I enjoyed your article. Well done!


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  4. Christian says:

    Very unsettling how easily people unquestioningly buy into mainstream media narrative. Thank you for this article although I’m certain it won’t get the attention it deserves


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