Ukraine: What We Don’t Hear Matters More Than What We Hear

Since the events at the Ukrainian border started precipitating, I have been asked almost daily what my opinion is about the events that hit so close to my birth country. As a Romanian who immigrated to the USA about six years ago, I weigh very carefully the recent events.

I come from a nation that recently shed about 3 million had working Romanians across the globe. Many of my friends – just like me – have left home behind and are now living in other countries. I have close family and dear friends living in Spain, in Hungary, in Romania, in Austria, in Switzerland, in New Zealand, in Germany, in Italy, in England and in France, to mention just a few countries. I have family and friends still living back in Romania.

When it comes to information that is broadcasted through television, radio and social media, what people might not realize fully is that some websites are available for America only (IPs are blocked) and the information cannot make it to Europe. At the same time, some European websites are blocked and cannot be accessed from the States. The illusion that we have free access to all the information that’s out there tonight is merely this: an illusion.

Back in Romania, during Ceausescu’s tyranny, we saw daily TV news shows that were not broadcasting the truth. “Fake media” is not an American invention. In the Western world, we are shocked that North Korea punishes with cruelty any photographers, news anchors and citizens who publish photographs that are presenting the truth. As a Romanian, I can’t help but think – “Wow, socialists in North Korea actually allow people to own cameras? That’s a few cuts above Ceausescu’s regime!”

What the Western world cannot imagine can be done in a totalitarian regime, has been done and is being done for years. Some of us survived propagandas before, and have learned to recognize them.

What I know from my local friends and family in Romania is that the news outlets don’t speak in Romania too much about what happens in Ukraine. It’s actually quite a concealed piece of information. So it was actually from me that a number of Romanian friends have learned about it. My connections in Austria don’t know a whole lot about it. My friends in Spain don’t know too much about it either. On the other hand, American troops have already started arriving in Romania. I have little doubt that Romania would in the blink of an eye join the US; Romania had a very bitter almost 1/2 century experience with the Soviets in the past, as you may know.

What is not clear to me at all is that there is a real intensification of the military activity in the Ukrainian border area. Just because the Russians are there, it is not obvious that they are doing anything different than what they have been doing since 2014. – And I am not saying in any way that they are carrying on as usually with their war with Ukraine over Crimeea and the access to the Black Sea. What I’m saying is, the interviews and pictures presented by media in the States are not really a proof of any intensification in their activity. It’s just the texts that are surrounding the video-clips and the images that are suggesting this. I wonder if the Russians really are preparing something, or if the American media outlets are presenting the same state of affairs under a different light for one reason or another?

Another thing that is not clear to me is the Russian-Chinese relationship. It is quite secluded and secretive. It is a massive pice of puzzle that is missing and without it, an accurate analysis is at least improbable, if not impossible.

What is clear to me is that the situation is getting very tense – it has been, for years, but now it only needs a spark to get the fire going. I also know that the first two World Wars started somewhat similar. What I know about Russians, as people, is that their armies are absolutely cruel. A dear and older friend of mine was a child when the Soviets invaded Romania. Her and her 5 sisters have been hidden for days in grain barrels, barely breathing under the grains, to avoid being raped and tortured by the Russian troops as they settled a transitory post in their parent’s home. Japanese and Russian troops are to be feared more than other troops, on the ground, nevertheless their leaders. These two armies are the most heartless military groups, based both on historical accounts and first-hand experience. Other nations fear the American people because there is a rifle behind every blade of grass, but Americans don’t torture and rape and kill for fun. Americans kill clean, in general. But Russians destroy and enjoy the destruction before killing. So if it does come down to a war, it will be particularly bad for the civilians. (Isn’t it always?…)

As for the Russian military leaders, across the time I have listened to a number of interviews with their leaders. The magnitude of a paradigm shift from a world of clearly defined rules (including in war) to a fluid, undefined world (including in war) cannot be overstated. Russians have definitely played a key role in this paradigm shift.

The outcomes would be that there are no rules in war, friends and enemies have no identity and are easily interchangeable, multiple people know parts of the truth but nobody knows all the truth. The entire Russian international politics has been changed into a layered shadow game, intentionally, by the Russian leaders.

Whilst socialists, infiltrated as activists in America for dodgy movements (like modern feminist, BLM, Moms Demand Action, Food Justice warriors, etc.) were teaching America’s sons to “get in touch with their feelings”, back at home the Russians were working hard at reshaping the political strategy landscape. I shall be very interested to see exactly just how many modern American feminists “don’t need a man to protect them” when the Russian military-style rape feasts begin – if God forbid we’ll have to go through such horrific experiences. Many will regret then the massive feminization propaganda our American men have been subjected to in the last half century…

So I don’t know what Russia is doing. I don’t think anyone knows what Russia is doing. I don’t think Russia knows what Russia is doing. I think a very very limited handful of people know what Russia is doing. Whoever else knows something, knows exactly and only what Russia wants them to know. Everything else is speculation at this point and will only be known post factum. I think we’ll just have to wait and see, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

We know that the first two World Wars started under false pretenses, and the real reason for both wars have come to light after many years. When the waters are muddy, no one can see and everyone is panicking. Panicked people are easy to be led, be it to war or to socialism.
Another thing that we know about the two World Wars is that Russia has been at the center of them. It just so happened.
Or, this whole thing might just be yet another distraction.

In any case, what I would teach my kids in these times are the following:

1. Don’t allow yourself to be led.
What you see on TV, read in newspapers (both left and right leaning!) might not be true. It might be made up at least partially. Also, just because one news outlet is telling the truth once, it doesn’t mean that they always will. Question everything.

2. Be slow to anger.
Be slow to anger because you can’t see and hear with your own eyes what is happening with the Russians and with the American troops; be slow to anger. But when it is time to get angry, be very angry – on the right people, not on the people other people tell you to be angry at.

3. You power and freedom can simply not be taken away.
Regardless how much power someone else ends up having over you, you still have more power over yourself than they do. You only stop being free when you accept the chains. You can live free or you can die. Living in chains is not an option.

4. Memorize the Bible. You will need it.
There’s nothing that makes people run to whatever God they believe in like pain. Excruciating pain gives birth to a painful search for God. Keep the powder dry, the Bible in mind and in the pocket, a rifle on the shoulder.

5. You are not safe.
As the great classic Rick Grimes says in “The Walking Dead”: “You are not safe. No many how many people are around, no matter how clear the area looks, no matter what anyone says, no matter what you think, you are not safe. It only takes one second, one second, and it’s over. Never let your guard down, ever.”

Maybe if Constitutional Americans wouldn’t have left their guard down, we wouldn’t be here. Or maybe we would have been here earlier, and with a different attitude. Who knows?…

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6 Responses to Ukraine: What We Don’t Hear Matters More Than What We Hear

  1. Roy Dove says:

    Thank you for the article. Very sound advise! Not many you can trust in todays media. The only truth is biblical truth and people want to distort that. Thank you again.

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  2. Steve Weaver says:

    Amazing and interesting comments!
    Thanks for the insight.


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