Masks: To Wear or Not To Wear

For over 6 months now we have witnessed one of the consequences of America’s great divide. Unfortunately, this great divide doesn’t have to do with political colors, age or education – it has to do with reason. Simply put, America is now divided in a small minority of free people, and a vast majority of people who developed a sickening group thinking. One herd of sheep points the finger at the other herd of sheep and both herds follow without question the one side of the media they’re tuned into.

The “Masks Do You No Good” position is just as polarized by media as the “We All Need To Wear Masks Or We Will Die” side. The “Don’t Tell Me What To Do With My Body” camp is just as polarized as the “Police Should Come And Force Any Business To Serve Me Even If I Break That Business Policies” camp.

It’s time to stop, take a deep breath and start using our brains!

In the winter of 2019, as soon as the Corona Virus hash-tags started trending on Twitter, me and my husband did our own research and decided to do want we considered to be right for us in order to stay safe while exercising our freedom. In addition, we started sharing reports on our social media. We shared bits and bobs that we found to be valuable in the alternative news channels – not in the mainstream media. As soon as we started expressing our opinions, our ideologically possessed social media connections started throwing rocks: the ultra-liberals and the democrats were laughing at us, because the left mainstream media back then was saying that masks are stupid; the republicans and preppers were purchasing products in bulk and were thinking of ways to make isolation rooms in their homes and were shaming us because we were increasingly concerned about our physical endurance, in case of panic, rather than TP supplies. Both the left and the right have lost all sense of season, and their actions were strictly connected with what the media of different colors was saying.

Then the media changed: the ultra-liberals and the democrats became possessed by a fear greater than the fear of God and wanted to force everyone to wear masks; well, at that point, the republicans started mocking the sheep who wears masks – us included. It didn’t matter that our position throughout this entire pandemic, since December 2019, was one and the same, and that we were still saying and practicing exactly the same things we were saying and practicing over half year ago. We came to understand that what divides now America is not what is the reasoning behind wearing or not wearing a mask, but the mere fact of wearing a mask.

There are plenty of opinions and arguments pro and against wearing masks – and I will not bore you with repeating arguments which you might have already heard. It suffices to say that the red side of America will call me an idiot just as quickly as the blue side of America, if my opinion on one particular topic just so happens to align with the other color’s (temporary) opinion. And that, right there, is the greatest symptom of just how ill America is today.

What I would like to talk about is REASON. And when it comes to masks, there are the following camps:
1. The red camp that will defy anything that the blue camp says, regardless if it makes sense or not, because the blue camp says it.
2. The blue camp that will defy anything that the red camp says, regardless if it makes sense or not – just because the red camp says it.

For those who don’t wear a mask: if you are posting memes of sheep with masks, and mocking all those who decided to wear a mask, you are just as brainwashed as the left. The self-entitled patriots who think that all patriots should ditch the masks are wrong. What all patriots should agree on is that all patriots have the right to decide for themselves if they want to wear a mask or not. What we should fight over is NOT who is right about wearing masks or not, but we should fight for each individual’s right to decide if he wants to wear a mask or not.

This is where the left constantly catches the right: they frame the conversation into a two-poled position and asks the right to take a stand. And instead rejecting this false framing of the conversation, the right immediately complies and choses one camp. This COVID experiment is not about who believes the left media and wears a mask vs. who believes the right media and doesn’t believe in wearing masks, but it is about finding out if there is anyone left in America who believes people should be free to choose for themselves. That’s what this great experiment is all about! So when the left is saying: “We want to force you to wear a mask.”, an appropriate answer would be: “We believe in freedom of choice.” But no, the right rushes and says: “Well yeah? Well, I’m not going to wear one and whoever wears one is a sheep!” So silly!

If tomorrow the left will say “Abortions are bad, and we won’t support abortions any longer.”, my opinion on abortions will still stand and will not change based on who says what. If the right will say: “Well, actually, we could kill a few babies and support some modern feminists.”, I will still not endorse abortions. Will that make me a leftist, or will it prove I have a spine?

The patriots who have the incredible arrogance and ignorance to call the Police and report the liberal store owners who refuse service to mask-less people, are just as brainwashed as the two liberal gay characters who called the police on the baker who wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for them. It is exactly the same thing! We either believe that every single American has the right to refuse service to whoever it wants, or we don’t. If you don’t believe you should wear a mask, don’t wear it, and do your shopping somewhere where the owner of the store will serve you. It is equally wrong for the right to try to bend the left as it is for the left to try to bend the right! And sadly, both the right and the left are, at this point, trying to force each other to do one thing or another. Forcing someone to do the right thing is just as bad as forcing someone to do the bad thing, America! Because free people are not forcible into doing anything!

People have the right to decide their own policies in their own businesses. If I don’t like what policies some stores implement, I have the right to choose to not do business with them. I do not have the right to force them into serving me if it goes against their policies.

Just two weeks ago, on one of the Culp pages that I manage on Facebook, there was this crazy crying woman who posted a self-shot video about how a store owner doesn’t allow her to do her shopping because she doesn’t have a mask. She was wearing a Culp hat, sadly enough. She called the police on the store owner, and when the police explained to her that the store owner is the king of his own store, she threw a tantrum and accused the police of being bribed. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually an undercover Inslee-ian, sent to disrupt Loren’s campaign! I deleted the video and threw salt over my shoulder for good lock, because God forbid that madness catches on! How insane is this attitude? Do we really not see that even if we are right, we do not have the right to FORCE someone to agree with us? Do we not realize that the enemy against freedom lies within each one of us? Do we really want a governor who will endorse someone (anyone!) in forcing someone else into something? Isn’t that exactly the opposite of freedom?

The reason all tyrannical systems work so well for those who are the enforcers of the system is because they are… the enforcers! If any of these half-brained “patriots” who think they have the right to force the liberals to serve them (against their own principles and policies) will ever get in a position of power, what do you think will happen? A tyranny! Just as bad as the tyranny that the left would promote if they could force everyone to wear a mask! The mask is merely an excuse; it’s not a purpose in itself. The purpose is to figure out where you are: are you among those who believe that once you know the truth (or you think you know the truth), you have the right to force it upon others, or are you someone who believes we are all free to inform ourselves and to take whatever decision we consider right for ourselves only? Just bear in mind (if you are a Christian especially!), even God, who IS the Truth, doesn’t force the Truth on anyone. Even God makes room for us to make choices.

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