I come from a socialist country and as you probably know or suspect, when I was a child we went through a civil unrest that turned into a full blown war. It started slowly. It creeped in. It was a gradual transition from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Socialist society – a transition with red flags that everyone ignored because it was more convenient to ignore the activists and extremists who push things in one direction. It was easier to just mind our own lives. – Until one day, when it wasn’t convenient anymore to ignore them. But by then, it was too late.

There are a number of bills that are on the floor here in Washington state, which will destroy the traditional family. One of them is the “Welcome to Washington Baby Act”, according to which, as soon as a young couple has a baby, an agency that is a mix of DSHS, CPS and the Department of Early Learning agents will knock at the door and ask to “inspect the family” and see if the parents are fit. It sounds very innocent. However, if we bear in mind the fact that under the 1997 Adoptions and Safe Families Act signed by Clinton, there are substantial incentives give to the agencies for each child that is placed in foster care ($4,000-$6000), and the fact that the Welcome to Washington Baby Act does not define what “fit parent” means, we can easily see how a family of Christian orientation will very soon, under the name of tolerance, be called “unfit to raise a child”. A family who believes in the Constitution will also easily be found unfit, if they possess firearms.  (There are active employments made for this new Welcome to WA State Baby Act Agency formation, as I write this article. I am attaching links to all these laws and bills below.)

But this will never happen in America!! – Or will it?

I know it might sound far-reached for America, but so we thought about them happening in Romania when they passed exactly the same kind of laws and turned our Constitutional Kingdom in a Socialist Country. From worshiping freely in church as kids, by the time their kids were born, my parents became experts at hiding their Bibles in the floor so their kids wouldn’t be taken away by the state agencies and that they wouldn’t be killed for owning a Bible. This is very realistic, it can happen anywhere, and it will happen in America in a matter of years, unless we, Christians, start taking action.

Do we genuinely believe that someone in Germany, the average Johann Miller, who sat in his Wohnzimmer (living room) drinking his beer German dark unfiltered Bier every evening, had ever imagined that thing will get progressively SO BAD in Germany? Do you believe Romanians believed for one second that the people they trust as their leaders would ever use the system against them?

Do you REALLY know how an overgrown government takes control and power over its people? Simply, by passing laws and bills that seem to be unrelated to each other. They pass hundreds of bills, all regarding different life aspects. And then, one day, when someone who is really evil and really corrupt and really wants power, will just draw a line between all these bills and we will get the big picture they were drawing all along, under our own eyes. The problem is, it will be too late.

Do you remember those “unite the points” exercises?

When someone starts adding points on a page, the picture is not clear at all. When the points start coming together, that is when the picture becomes clear, and that is when it is too late. The question regarding the bills that are passing should always be: Is this Constitutional? Should THIS point even be here, or is merely the presence of this point on this white page that it is forbidden by the constitution? The Constitution does not forbid one political opinion or one particular type of laws, no It actually forbids the government from CREATING any excessive legislative package. This is very important. We are focusing so much on WHAT the laws are saying, without even being able to see what the final landscape of all these laws brought together might look like. And this is exactly why Bob Ferguson was not arrested yet – because the judges are saying: “You can’t prove his intentions are to disarm the people.” Of course you can’t prove it, how on Earth do you prove someone’s intention? It’s not like anyone will ever say, “I am here to take your guns.” or “I am here to destroy the family.”, so if that is what you are waiting for in order to take action… then you are part of the problem. Is there anyone who could have proven in 1920 that Hitler will slaughter the Jews and anyone else who wasn’t of pure Arian race? Don’t you think if that were the case, we would have witnessed a pre-Hitlerian Jewish Exodus from Germany, Poland, Romania, Hungary? Who would have, in the presence of proof of Hitler’s heart, keep their kids in a country where they would face sure death?
What can be proven, though, is that the Constitution of the United States forbids the Government from adding “I force you to….” dots on the canvas. It’s a gamble, what the final drawing will look like. This is why, it is neither a party nor a legislative branch that is allowed, under the Constitution, to overgrow the institution and the power of the government. The political conversation at this point should not even be about “what” is the type of control the government wants over us – vaccines, no-vaccines, pro or against gun control, pro or against abortion – this is the wrong conversation frame. The RIGHT conversation frame is, who the hell gave the governmental officials the right to start forcing people to pay with tax money for idiotic presidential candidacies? Who the hell gave the government the right to decide to sponsor Planned Parenthood or not? Who the hell gave anyone in Olympia the right to chuck away our votes for the $30 car tabs? Who the hell gave anyone any power at all to force anything on anyone else, here in America?

I don’t care if it’s about forcing the Bible on people or forcing a green new deal on cows not to fart, it’s not about WHAT is being forced, it’s about BEING FORCED. When something is BEING FORCED, it means that there is SOMEONE who CAN force what they want on someone else. That is the problem! That is THE topic that should bother us and make us go out in the streets! Why? Because even if now, today, you like WHAT is forced on your neighbor, tomorrow, someone who wants to force on you something that you don’t like, they will get to that privileged political spot that has been created in Olympia by mad men and they will force whatever they want on you. And then, they will force something else on your neighbor again. And then, they will force something else on you yet again. Because that is what tyranny is, it is not about WHAT is being forced, it’s about someone having the legal means and legal tools and the politically privileged title to force something on someone.

Oh, America, be careful. Be VERY careful. Articles like these, in a few years, will be considered hate speech and people will pay with their lives for them. It happened in Romania. It happened in Germany. It will happen here. It’s a promise. It already begun.

The only way back from war now is to elect in Inslee’s place someone who will use the politically privileged seat to destroy it. Someone who understands that they have a unique window of time opportunity to run for governor and to start cutting back the overgrown tree of greed grown by Inslee and the gang. We need someone who will not fall in love with the power that the politically privileged seat will give him, but someone who will stay in love with the people and fight for them by destroying the big machine in Olympia.

And here is a very good explanation of what Welcome To Washington Baby Act means:

Adoption and Safe Families Act summary:

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  1. Alice Smith says:

    Thank you, so very much, for writing this article. FWIW, I’ve been angered for years, because the core problem is legislators violating their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. Every time they write a bill or vote on a piece of legislation that violates their oath of office, I’ve written this in the comments on numerous bills on our legislative site. There needs to be accountability, and ‘we the people’ have none. We’re presently operating under unconstitutional and tyrannical rule. At this point in time, they are completely lawless and know they won’t face any punishment for violating their oath or breaking the law. It’s also obvious, they no longer fear the people. I truly fear, for our future and only rest in the fact that I know God is still in control.


    • I agree, Alice, every time they produce a paper, a new bill, a new law, they make sure to attack our God given rights, the order that God established and if possible at all, our safety.
      God is still in control, He always is. However, God works through people. So we need to start working!


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