There is a lot of confusion around terms and notions surrounding the new Sex Ed bills.

Let’s define the legal terminology and take a cold look at the facts:

  1. METHODOLOGY: A methodology is a strategy for implementing and developing a particular social norm in a society. The anti-smoking campaign, for instance, which has been extremely successful, is part of the AVOIDANCE methodologies (not REDUCTION methodologies), because we didn’t want to only REDUCE the risk each individual is subjected to by smoking, but we wanted to teach them to avoid it. The anti-alcohol consumption is part of an avoidance, not a reduction methodology as well.
  2. CURRICULUM: A curriculum is the actual way of implementing the methodology. A set of lessons, a set of commercials, a series of events (rallies) or TV / radio shows would all constitute a curriculum. The practical lessons and activities provided to students in order to implement a a social norm is called a “curiculla”.

Sadly, the RISK REDUCTION (or Comprehensive Sex Ed) methodology – which has been chosen by WA state – is proven to have no impact on teen behaviors – on the contrary, most teens who participate in a program that is implementing the risk reduction methodology report feeling more pressured by the program than by their partners to become sexually active, because this methodology normalizes sex activity among students. Here is a link to one of the independent studies that show that students involved in TPP / SRR / CSE have done similar or WORSE than students involved in no program:

In fact, even HHS reports that “More than 80% of students in these programs fared either worse or no better than their peers who were not in the program.”

So what is the difference between Sexual Risk Avoidance vs. Comprehensive Sex Ed?


If your child is in a public school, make sure you ask for the teachers to review the LOVE NOTES curricula for high school students or the RELATIONSHIP SMARTS curricula for middle schools. There are clinics in Yakima who offer these curricula at no cost. These two curricula do comply with teaching children regarding what safe sex is – however, they do NOT normalize sex outside a mutually monogamous lifetime relationship, nor do they normalize sex among teens. Both are very efficient curricula.
Students who are part of the SRA program are delaying becoming sexually active with 2-4 years. They are very much age appropriate. A 16 y.o. being pregnant is in a VERY DIFFERENT spot than a 20 y.o. who is pregnant. These curricula are available here for reviewing:

Love Notes 3.0 Sexual Risk Avoidance Adaptation (SRA)

Relationship Smarts PLUS 4.0 Sexual Risk Avoidance Adaptation (SRA)


In 2019, $5 million were offered as grant to WA state by the Department of Health and Human services to invest in Sexual Risk Avoidance Education as part of the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program. Washington State declined. The total amount available for the 2019-2021 Cycle was $5 million. The funding originated from the federal Department of Health and Human Services. When the funds were rejected, the Trump Administration made them available to be accessed by private clinics from WA state. If you still think the Trump administration is not fighting for our country, you are wrong.


Instead choosing SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance Methodology), WA state chose to make Comprehensive Sex Education Methodology mandatory for all schools AND KINDERGARDENTS (SB5395 already passed House, it is well on its way to the Senate now.)

Instead choosing offer our teens REAL education, our state chose Comprehensive Sex Ed, a methodology which fails according to its own researchers!!!! Douglas Kirby, the former leading Sexual Risk Reduction (SRR) “comprehensive” sex education researcher stated in his published research of Reducing the Risk, a comprehensive sex education program:
“…it may actually be easier to delay the onset of intercourse than to increase contraceptive practice.”

House Energy and Commerce Committee, the committee of jurisdiction for sex education: “When it comes to preventing high-risk behavior among teens, the evidence is clear: risk avoidance is the most effective strategy. This is true of successful public health campaigns to reduce teenage smoking, drinking, and reckless driving, and it is also true of sex education curricula.”

Study Finds States that Teach SRA Education Have Lower Teen Birth Rates. “For an average state, increasing spending by $50,000/ year on [SRA education} can help avoid approximately four births to teenagers, resulting in net savings of $15,652 to the public for each birth avoided.”

Comprehensive Sexuality Education Methodology (CSE), was created by Planned Parenthood and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SEICUS). SEICUS was founded in 1964 by a former Planned Parenthood medical director.

CSE normalizes sexual activity among teens and it teaches students that:
Sexual pleasure is a right.
Sexual rights are human rights.
Sexual pleasure should be enjoyed by people of all ages, regardless of age.
Limiting access to sexual information or sexual services violates a child’s sexual and human rights.
Children should be able to exercise their sexual rights without interference from parents, guardians, or other adult caregivers.

Timeline for implementation:
– September 1, 2020, comprehensive sexual health education must be phased in beginning with students in grades six through twelve.
– September 1, 2021, comprehensive sexual health education must be phased in for students in grades kindergarten through five.
– Full statewide implementation for all public schools and all grade levels must be achieved by September 1, 2021.

According to this bill, all schools MUST TEACH COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED METHODOLOGY  and MUST CHOOSE FROM THE CURRICULA LISTED BELOW OR COME UP WITH THEIR OWN CURRICULA which will have to be compliant with the COMPREHENSIVE SEX ED methodology. Curricula that comply with Comprehensive Sex Ed, recommended by OSPI for your children:

1. “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, 3rd Edition”, SEICUS:
– teaches students of four or five y.o. that parts of their bodies feel good when touched
– that touching their bodies to make themselves feel good is called masturbation
– that they should always masturbate in private
– teaches second graders that the same act can be performed with a partner

2. “It’s All One”, UNFPA and UNESCO Student activities
– actively promoting the idea that being sexually active (even with multiple sex partners) can make a student feel attractive and important
– abortion is mentioned more than 140 times
– adoption is not mentioned at all
– it is informing students that sex is fun and feels good
– abstinence is glossed over in all curricula
– parental authority, or even instructing on the importance of parental guidance, is consistently undermined

3. “It’s Perfectly Normal“
– is a VERY graphic image book for a 9th and 11th grade curriculum
– instructs students on what to do if they don’t have the time or money to purchase sex toys, referring them to a variety of fruits and vegetables to use
– literally teach students how to have sex — either with a partner, multiple partners, or alone — with PICTURES of characters experiencing sexual pleasure.

OSPI WA conducted a survey this past summer and despite the fact that the majority of the respondents were in the Puget Sound area and that Planned Parenthood placed paid ads encouraging people to take the survey, 58% of respondents said they were against Comprehensive Sex Ed.

Another bill that should really concern us is HB 2288. This bill is:
– creating statutory authorization for school based health centers; private clinics will be allowed to rent property on the campus
– once implemented, they will lease from school property for 10 years at least;
– the district is not required to receive fair market value for 22 the leased area if it determines the school-based health center will 23 provide sufficient benefit to the district, its students, and staff
Basically, girls as young as 13 years old can get a referral to get an abortion and the parents will get a bill from an abortion center which they are obliged by law to pay, however, they are not allowed to ask what service has been provided to their little girl.

When speaking in Olympia against it, concerned parents have been shut down actively by those with politically privileged seats. Informed Parents of Washington traveled to Olympia to testify against HB 2288 during a House Education Committee hearing.

“The danger of this bill is … it creates a barrier where the school district cannot be sued by parents if something goes wrong because everything that happens in the clinic is the responsibility of the clinic,” Wendt said. “And then it also opens up the funding stream for the school district and the insurance to be billed to the parents — and they won’t even know what the services are that their children are getting during their lunch hours.”

After listening to legislators extol the bill’s merits, Informed Parents of Washington gave testimony as to why they found the bill dangerous. Soon the parents found their words cut off by the bang of a gavel. (Read full article here: )


When parents and medical professionals in Florida raised concerns about the safety and medical accuracy of some of the statistics given in Teen Talk (a curriculum currently on OSPI’s “approved” list”, the ACLU sent them a letter explaining that they have no saying in the matter. Brenda Lebsack is a Orange Unified School District trustee and a teacher in the Santa Ana Unified District. Excerpts from her article (read the full article here:

<< “Direct quotes used from Teen Talk were:

  1. 86: “Pan means any or all. Someone who is pansexual might find themselves attracted to men, women, non-binary people, trans people, gender queer people, and many more!” (Yes, the exclamation point is in the text).
  2. 84: “Gender Queer — Umbrella” is noted for definitions:

“A child may have a Non-binary gender identity, meaning they do not identify strictly as a boy or a girl — they could identity as both, or neither, or as another gender entirely. Agender people do not identity with any gender. Descriptors for gender identities are rapidly expanding; youth … today no longer feel bound to identity strictly with one of  two genders, but are instead establishing a growing vocabulary for gender.”

  1. 162: “Low risk in getting HIV — Protected oral sex on anus.”

Concerning medical accuracy, a CHOC Hospital pediatrician attended our meeting and stated: “In reviewing Teen Talk, students are not being told medically accurate statistics regarding the effectiveness of condom use in anal sex. They are not being told the truth that anal sex is the highest risk behavior for transmission of HIV and other STDs especially since condoms are not FDA approved for anal sex.”

Assembly Bill 329 (California Healthy Youth Act) requires information include all FDA-approved methods of reducing the risk of HIV.

When Teen Talk was halted on May 30 in the Orange Unified School District due to reservations about medical accuracy and realizing we needed more community input to comply with Education Code 60002, where it states “Each district board.. shall promote the involvement of parents … in the selection of instructional materials.”

But the ACLU sent our district a letter stating that, “Parents do not have the right to dictate what curriculum is used or what information is provided to students in public schools. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that parents do not have any constitutional right “to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.”

The ACLU’s letter confuses me. In Section 51937 under AB329 it states: “The Legislature recognizes that … parents and guardians have the ultimate responsibility for imparting values regarding human sexuality to their children.” >>


For a number of years now the conversation about sex ed, abortions and population control has been dressed in the sugar-coated language of “health care”, “women’s rights”, “procedure”.  Movements like “Shout Your Abortion” are designed to tell women who have been already victimized once by being convinced that abortion is the only option, that women like me, who believe all life is sacred, we shame them. They are failing to understand that when we say “all life is sacred”, we refer not only to the pre-born child’s life, but also to the mother’s life. Mothers should receive accurate medical information, not lies presented as science, because their lives and their choices matter.

Let’s take a franc look at the situation in WA state.

34 states require that women receive counseling before an abortion is performed. In WA state, INFORMED CONSENT for abortion is not required. Informed consent is a legal contact that provides details about the risks or abortion. It includes:
– a clear explanation of what will be done
– a clear explanation of how it will be done
– a clear explanation of which medications will be used
– a complete list of the inherent risks in performing this procedure, including the increased risk of suicide, and adequate opportunity to ask questions.
In general medical practice, doctors are obliged to encourage their patients to seek alternatives for any and all invasive procedures. This should include abortion, whether performed surgically or medically – and it does include abortion in those 34 states. Not in WA.

In WA state, the request that abortion clinics provide medical information about abortion has been waived. Abortion clinics are not required to provide medical or ethical information to women seeking abortions, or to provide ultrasounds. In fact, they refuse to provide ultrasounds even if asked to do so by the confused girls. It is statistically proven that when a woman sees her child and hears its heart beat, she connects with the baby and refuses to have an abortion. More than 90% of women change their minds about having an abortion after seeing an ultrasound.

This is just as much about a baby’s life as it is also about the quality of the mother’s life after abortion. Abanon (Abortion Anonymous) is just one of the groups that work with women who have had abortions. Most women develop the so-called post-abortive syndrome and present multiple physical and emotional side-effects. The quality of their lives is seriously affected. There are women who come at Abanon after ten, twenty years from having gone through abortion and seek help. It’s a scar that doesn’t heal – and even more so, it doesn’t heal because we teach women that it is normal to discard a child that inconveniences them. Women who go through abortions are victims just as much as their children. They are groomed into a culture of abortion in school, and encouraged to believe the lie by being mocked if they dare to show any kind of compassion towards their dead babies. Modern feminist movement are nothing else but women bullying women.


3Rs CSE curriculum, Grade 7, lesson 5, in “Protecting Your Health: Understanding and Preventing STDs”, approved by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington state, kids are being taught that it is safe to bathe together!

1. There is no information about the other risks associated with anal sex such as anal tears, incontinence, or an explanation as to why it is so easy to contract HIV or an STD from anal sex.
2. The lesson instructs kids (12 yrs. old) to use a condom for anal sex in order to be at low risk for contracting HIV/STDs. There is NO FDA approved condom for anal sex and only one FDA approved female condom.
3. The curriculum suggests that bathing together and mutual masturbation are not sexual activities. Yet it then suggests that these behaviors are “important because they can help people learn about their bodies and build connection between people…” These are sexual activities can very easily lead to sex and are not appropriate for 12 yr. old children to be engaging in.


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  1. Molly Stafek Peoples says:

    I am a mother of 4 children ranging in age from 15 to 26, living in southeastern Washington. This article shocked the Hell out of me and made me sick to my stomach. I have always taught my children about abstinence and the risks, physically and mentally, about engaging in sexual activity with others before they are mature enough to handle all of the physical conditions and consequences and the emotional feelings that come with being intimate with another human being. This is NOT acceptable to mandate a curriculum that trivializes an activity that is meant to adults. This is the reason to laws against minors having sexual intercourse. I can’t believe the WA legislators are even considering this! It is an outrage!


  2. Anna says:

    Oh my world! I am disgusted! What on the earth are thinking these people?


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