How To Destroy a Nation

I remember someone asking me, when I was a child, if I know what is the easiest way to be robbed by happiness and fulfillment, what is the easiest way to lose the things that can never be gotten back? They said something about “changing the price tags”. They told me a story about a thief who goes in a store when no one is there, and changes the price tags: taking the price tags from the cheap products and tagging the expensive products with cheap tags. And taking the price tags from the expensive products and adding them on the cheap products.

Later on, as I pursued arts and architecture, I witnessed the transition from the canonical arts to the post-modern “arts”. Instinctively, I was always reluctant to tagging as arts the post-modern products that artists would tag as arts.

Yet, it took me to get in my 30’s to understand why the thief would change tags on the products in the store they wanted to rob. But now I see: the way to destroy a nation and rob it of everything that it could produce that is of worth, is by confusing individuals about what is valuable and what is not.

In short, if A=B, B=A. If rubbish is seen as value, value will be seen as rubbish.

A society that has no clear values and doesn’t know what it finds acceptable and what it finds unacceptable, will eventually destroy itself merely because it will be robbed of the things that are actually valuable. Someone out there will know what is valuable; but since anything of value is seen as rubbish, when they will take it away, no one will care – it’s just rubbish. That is how a thief can steal the store. That is how we are being robbed.

The traditional values, like the one man one woman marriage, the idea of children being born and raised in married couples formed by a woman and a man (who were born that way), the pro-life position, standing for the truth and speaking the truth, these all are not just lifestyles that have been developed by the previous generations. These are values that the civilizations have built and conserved, so that the environment for raising children would be appropriate. These are merely a few notions that post-modernism tries to steal, as making them to seem of little worth. And those who try to defend them, they are seen as being narrow minded and old-fashioned, rather than guardians of the few things that are of value, that are still left in our society.

By being confused about what is of worth and what is not, not only do we have a weak sense of defending what is of worth, but there are two extremes that are being developed: those who see everything as being of worth and those who see nothing as being of worth. Those who try to keep the values as values are being seen, by those who think nothing is valuable, as narrow-minded. Those who see everything as being of worth, see those who try to be balanced as libertarians who have nothing of worth. There are things that should offend us, and there are things that shouldn’t offend us. If we do not make the effort to restore the system of morality and value that we once had, we will end up killing each other. We are returning to the stone age – and there is nothing noble in that.

If we cannot name abuse to be abuse, if we cannot name lies about abuse to be lies; if we cannot define what we accept and what we do not accept as a society, based not on the interests that groups of people have but based on a system of morality that is outside us, we will end up killing each other based on selfish reasons and irrational logic. This moral system HAS to be based on a notion of a higher power that is outside us, outside of the human emotions and individual desires, because human hearts are deceitful and evil. We need to have a system of morals that are objective to our own circumstances, if we want to even have the notion of justice left in our society. We will not have the notion of justice and right and wrong anymore, if we keep going down the road that we started going. Our human hearts cannot generate objectivity, objectivity is something that we need to learn from outside; ultimately, we need to accept that we need to learn it from God. Nothing but God can generate a belief system that is completely objective, completely just and completely applicable to any circumstance, any race, any age, any society, because only God stays the same and never changes. God is the one we need to turn back to.

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